Welcome! We are Grato, a family-owned business headquartered on the beautiful coast of northern Spain.

As a proud Spanish company, we take inspiration from the variety of landscapes, towns, and customs found throughout this diverse country to guide the collections, colors, and textures of our products.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to work in harmony with the natural beauty of the wood to create products that reflect your style and bring new life to any space. The emotions our flooring evokes are a result of the passion with which it has been manufactured, taking care of the smallest details so that the beauty of the wood is enjoyed every day.

Committed to Innovation

Our products are meticulously crafted by a team of skilled woodworkers with many years in design, construction, and wood manufacturing. We combine the industry’s latest technology with craftsmanship and have a team of experts innovating our production and quality control processes to produce a product unlike any other.

Grato and the Enviroment

Our company has one of the greatest commitments to the environment. True respect and appreciation for nature are at the base of everything we do. At Grato, we respect and honor the environment. We strive to preserve the forests and take care of every environmental aspect in our production process to provide sustainable, ultra-low emission, and eco-friendly products.

Grato flooring is produced with European Oak exclusively sources from sustainably managed forests. Sustainable forestry embellishes the landscape and provides rich nd healthy ecosystems for hundreds of species.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, extensively testing the raw material and finished product in both American and European wood product labs. We are also aware that one image cannot convey all the characteristics of natural wood. Therefore, we offer to our customers all of our certificates, tests, and technical data sheets so they can verify they are selecting the best wood for any project.

From Spain to the World

You can find Grato floors from Santander to Madrid to New York City to Los Angeles to Mexico City to Madrid to Paris to London to Seul. We are proud to have been chosen by world-renowned architects and designers to have our floors installed in their most demanding projects. Our goal is to be in every corner of the world, bringing new life under your feet and helping you turn your vision into reality.

We welcome you with open arms and look forward to becoming a part of your journey.