Our Story

We are Grato, a family-owned business headquartered on the beautiful coast of northern Spain. Our products are crafted by a team of skilled woodworkers supported by a family of hands-on businessmen and businesswomen with many years in design, construction, and wood manufacturing. Known for our beautiful hardwood floors, we make extraordinary engineered oak flooring, parquet, stairs, doors, paneling, and millwork with the best European White Oak to please any design style and aesthetic.

Every Grato floor and accessory is an expression of you. We are known for our large formats and have combined craftsmanship and advanced technology to offer you the maximum degree of personalisation in your floors, all while highlighting the natural beauty of the wood. We understand the design process and aim to provide a product that perfectly reflects your style and helps turn your vision into reality.

A new way of undertanding wood

To fully understand and appreciate our flooring collections, one must engage the senses and emotions, and have a true respect and appreciation of nature. Our philosophy for creating our finishes and textures is to work in harmony with the natural beauty and age of the timber. The emotions our flooring evokes are a result of the passion with which it has been manufactured, taking care of the smallest details so that the beauty of the wood is enjoyed every day.


Our Formats

Commited to You

Our Mission is to bring new life to any space by offering the highest quality European engineered floors and millwork that are highly customizable to fit your every design need.

Our Vision is to be the leading floor and millwork manufacturer bringing life to spaces in every corner of the world with sustainable, durable, high-quality, and customizable products.

Our Values:

  • Trust: As a family-owned business, we value our clients’ trust and seek to have long-term relationships.

  • Simplicity: What we do is simple yet beautiful. We aim to provide you a simple and easy process that turns your vision into reality.

  • Sustainability: We respect and honor the environment, so we strive to preserve the forests to provide you with sustainable and eco-friendly products.


Trusted Worldwide

Grato’s values are not just a statement of intent but an everyday reality. We aim to be a company that not only manufactures the highest quality hardwood floors but makes each customer experience unique and memorable.